Author Interviews

“I wanted to focus on… the context, the exploration of how we create narratives about our lives, more than I wanted to tell a straightforward personal story.” AN INTERVIEW WITH AUTHOR ZOE ZOLBROD

Questions for author Zoe Zolbrod Name: Zoe Zolbrod Where you live: Evanston, IL Details of website and social media:, @zoezolbrod Published works: Currency (novel, OV Books/Dzanc 2010) The Telling (memoir, Curbside Splendor 2016) I adore Zoe Zolbrod’s beautifully written memoir, The Telling, for so many reasons it is difficult to know where to start…. View Article

“We have the power, if we can embrace it, to protect our fragile planet and the conditions that foster earthly life.” An Interview with Don Bredes

Don Bredes Wheelock, Vermont I met Don Bredes in his home state of Vermont, where he was kind enough to attend one of my first book events for The Ambassador’s Wife. Not only is he an accomplished and critically lauded author, he also possesses a keen social and political conscience. This informs much of his… View Article

“I wanted to highlight the importance of being heard.” An Interview with Author Tawnysha Greene

A few months ago, I was idly scrolling through Twitter when I saw there was a contest to win a free copy of Tawnysha Greene’s new novel, A House Made of Stars. I didn’t know much about Tawnysha Greene, only that my brilliant friends, Jeni and Daniel Wallace of Burlesque Press, had decided to publish… View Article

“I’m a theatre creature who emigrated to literature.” Interview with Nicole Galland

I met the brilliant and accomplished author Nicole Galland among the red cliffs of New Mexico, at a writing retreat held by the A Room of Her Own Foundation. Not only was she brimming with contagious energy, but she was also warm and approachable. I am honored to include her on the pages of my… View Article

“Holy shit. I may not get beat up at rock shows anymore.” Interview with Tawni Waters

I hardly know where to start with the force of nature that is Tawni Waters. She says it all so much better herself. An accomplished and award-winning author she is also a pretty fabulous human being—and those two things don’t always go hand in hand. We met at the Hands On Literary Festival and Masquerade… View Article

“I felt moved to tears as I listened to a news item about how older people are mistreated in nursing homes.” Interview with Virginia MacGregor

Virginia Macgregor is the author of the novels What Milo Saw (Hardcover, Little, Brown, July 2014 and Paperback, August 13, 2015 ) and the forthcoming The Astonishing Return of Norah Wells (Little, Brown, January 2016). I met Virginia several years ago in the waiting room of a doctor’s office in London and was immediately struck… View Article